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There are many things to do in the Vatican much to the delight and the contentment of the visitor. As a tourist to the city of Rome and Vatican you would do well to visit the famous Vatican Museum. You will be amazed to find a lot of art works by artists such as Raphael and Michelangelo. You cannot help appreciating these art works that can be found in plenty in the Vatican Museum. The total land area of the museum is about 13 acres. There are about 1400 rooms in which the artifacts are exhibited much to your joy.

Visitors to the Vatican can never miss a trip to St. Peter’s Square since it forms the official gate to the city of Vatican. It is said that St. Peter’s Square is the soul of Vatican and it is often crowded with tourists from all parts of the world. Vatican is home to one of the most beautiful and spectacular Basilicas in the whole of Europe. It is called as the St. Peter’s Basilica. It is a mammoth structure whose interior can hold about 60,000 people. The interior of the church is breath-taking to watch. The Basilica stands tall at about 600 feet in height.


You can find the sculpture of Mary created by the great Michelangelo here in St. Peter’s Basilica. As a tourist you are allowed to climb the dome of this Basilica. The balcony of the lantern can give you are bird’s eye view of the city of the Vatican. It is indeed a photographer’s delight. In fact it is not a hyperbole to say that St. Peter’s church dome is the tallest in the world. Hence if you feel that you cannot climb the narrow steps you can take the help of the elevator to reach the top.


Tour Castel Sant’ Angelo is yet another important landmark in the Vatican that you cannot afford to miss. It is a nice fortress remodeled in the 6th century. It was originally built as a mausoleum for Hadrian in the 2nd century BC. The trip to Vatican can be enjoyable by your visit to the Vatican Gardens. This 16th century structure sports lovely flora and fauna. Tour to the Vatican is never complete without an audience with the Pope. You should apply at least 10 days in advance in order to get an audience with the Pope in the Vatican.
Ancient Roman Sites: Rome is known for its ancient sites. Five sites are very famous when it comes to finding ancient architecture in Rome. They are Palmyra, the Colosseum, Pompeii, Nimes Arena and the Roman Forum.

Ruins of the ancient Roman Empire can be found in the form of Palmyra. In fact Palmyra is the remnants of the city by its name. It is interesting to know that the ruins date back to the 3rd century and hence it known as one of the most ancient sites in Rome. History says that Roman Empire flourished during the 2nd and the 3rd century BC. You can find the Temple of Bel here. This temple was built for a Babylonian deity. Apart from this temple you would find other ruins such as Tetrapylon, the Agora, the Baths of Diocletian and the famous Senate House. Tens of thousands of tourists from virtually every part of the world throng these ruins of Palmyra in Rome.


The Colosseum is a grand amphitheater where historic fights took place between criminals and gladiators and the ferocious lions. This particular place is thronged by many visitors on a daily basis. It is a mammoth construction that could accommodate several spectators as well. It had been a great Roman symbol of the past.

Pompeii is regarded as one of the most sought after archeological sites in the city of Rome. It was also a city of Rome during the Roman Empire. It was found in the 7th century BC. It is indeed surprising to know that many of the old buildings that belonged to that era stand still and strong even today. Thus Pompeii is a photographer’s delight. Pompeii is otherwise called as the Ghost Town in Rome.


Nimes Arena is also a great amphitheater in Rome. The difference between Colosseum and Nimes Arena is that the latter is well and better preserved than the former. Although it was used as a sports arena in the beginning in the later years it got transformed into a fortress and it witnessed many military acts too.

The Roman Forum is yet another important ancient site of Rome. History says that Roman Forum was considered as the seat of religious and political developments in Rome. It housed several temples and arches in the past. Of course you can see their remnants today. Roman civilization and Roman culture can be easily deciphered by making a close study of the Roman Forum.

Shopping in Trajan’s Market: It was believed that Trajan’s Market was the ancient Rome’s widely acclaimed market place that housed several shops and offices. As many as 150 shops were housed in Trajan’s Market in Rome. It is a great place of tourist attraction. Visitors to Rome never forget to pay a trip to this market. Hence you will find this market thronged by tens of thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

You will be amazed to find the method of shopping used by the people of Rome. When you visit the Trajan’s Market in Rome you would find that the shops are usually small inner spaces that possessed doors too. The customer had to stand outside the door to carry out his transaction. He would not enter the inside of the shop as he would have found it extremely difficult to go inside the shop. Such were the small spaces of the shops.

You can find two floors upon which various such shops were lined. It can thoroughly be said that the present shopping mall concept is laid down based on the Trajan’s Market layout in Rome. The beauty of the Trajan’s Market is that you can simply walk through it to find many shops much to your surprise. Trajan’s Market in Rome is certainly one of the most sought after tourist attraction for it has the ability to attract fresh visitors each day from different parts of the world.


Tourists would revel walking along the curves of the market to get a glimpse of what shopping was like during the days of Roman Empire. A visit to the ruins of the Trajan’s Market can make you spellbound in the sense that you cannot forget the beauty and the specialty of it. By making a trip to the Trajan’s Market you would be making a trip to a market that is nearly 2000 years old! This market originally was formed in the 1st century BC. You should also pay a visit to the Trajan’s Forum that can be seen in front of the market. It is a photographer’s delight too. It was known that wood sellers and several jewelers made business at the market during the days of the Roman Empire. You would do well to get in touch with the best Rome travel website in order to get more information about the various ancient sites in Rome and the history behind them.


Public Transportation in Rome: When you visit the city of Rome you should be thorough about the public transportation system in Rome for you can put it to good use in order to reach the tourist destinations of your choice with great ease and comfort. If you have decided to visit Rome with the members of your family then you should certainly think in terms of making the best use of the various transport forms in Rome in order to enjoy your stay in the city.

‘Be a Roman when you are in Rome’ goes the saying. You would be glad to know that you can use metro train, varieties of buses and trams in Rome much to your advantage. There are lovely electric buses for your convenience in Rome. These electric buses run very fast and are efficient indeed. You would find it heartening to know that the ticket prices are affordable too. Your ticket would be valid of 75 minutes of travel. You can cover as many places of tourist interest as possible with the help of a single ticket. Once the validity period gets over you will have to buy another ticket that gets the same validity period.


A ticket purchased by you is valid for use when you travel in tram, bus or train! This is the specialty of the tourism facilities offered by the department of tourism in Rome. Tens of thousands of tourists get benefited by the lovely transportation systems of Rome. The travel facilities extended to the visitors are par excellence to say the least. Once you buy the ticket it gets stamped in the bus or in the tram. Once you get out of the tram remember to buy the ticket again. One Euro ticket is valid for 75 minutes whereas 4 Euro travel ticket is valid for the entire day. This ticket is called the ‘BIG’ Ticket.

There is another form of ticket called as the BTI ticket that is valid for 3 days from the time of purchasing it. This is the best form of travel ticket for it can be used on all the three days of your stay in Rome. You can virtually cover all the places of tourist interest in the city of Rome by making the best use of the BTI ticket. There is a pass called Rome Pass and it is very comfortable to use in the transportation services in Rome. You will be allowed to enter into museums of Rome without buying the entry ticket by using this pass. It is priced at 24 Euros.

What to Eat in Rome: When you are in Rome you might wonder what food items to eat. Visitors to Rome never face the problem of finding the cuisine of their choice. This is because of the fact that the city houses virtually every kind of cuisine in the world. Lovers of traditional foods of Rome would have every reason to smile about for there are several food shops where they can find the lovely and delicious traditional foods of Rome at affordable prices.

There are some Roman specialities that can bring happiness to your palate. You can simply try them during your stay in the city. You would never regret trying them along with the members of your family. Suppli al Telefono is one of the favorites of the residents of Rome. It is a very simple food made out of rice balls that are fried very well. It is said that these balls can be tasted without any sort of side dish. They are very cheap as well. Carciofi is yet another delicious food item of Rome. Garlic and mint are used in its preparation. Romans enjoy this food much to their delight. Italian kitchen is very popular not only among the residents but for the tens of thousands of tourists as well. They slowly get used to eating foods made from the Italian cuisine.

Saltimbocca alla Romana is one of the stylish foods of Rome that has the ability to attract one and all. It again is a simple food prepared with savory food items. When in Rome you should never hesitate to taste varieties of pasta and sauce. It is said that pasta and sauce are served in any hotel you enter in the city of Rome. Eating the special dishes of Rome can make you feel like a Roman for the time being. Although you are from a different country you would enjoy eating Roman food for sure. You would do well to bring back food packages of Roman food to your home as well and distribute them among your friends and relatives by relating to them your adventures in Rome.

Noodles mixed with butter and grated cheese is another food that is very popular in Rome. This kind of food item is called as Fettuccine al Burro. These are very long noodles that are quite tasty and palatable too. It is important to make a study of the Roman cuisine before embarking upon the idea of visiting the hotels and the restaurants of the city of Rome.

A Complete Travel Guide to RomeDevjeetTour GuideThere are many things to do in the Vatican much to the delight and the contentment of the visitor. As a tourist to the city of Rome and Vatican you would do well to visit the famous Vatican Museum. You will be amazed to find a lot of art...
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