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Thailand’s history emerges from the Bronze Age, whereas Bangkok, the capital is a young city founded in 1782. The city has a population of around 11 million. Bangkok lies on the banks of the river “Chao Phraya”, a wonderful working waterway full of sampans, wide variety of boats and rice barges. Bangkok is a beautiful mix of the old and the new, the modern and the ancient evident from its skyline that comprises of Buddhist temples (wats), luxury hotels, high-rise office buildings and shopping malls making it a kaleidoscope.

Climate:- Bangkok has a tropical climate and rain lashes the city quite frequently. Due to the humidity, the city remains hot and humid most of the time, also known as the hottest city in the world. Bangkok has mainly three seasons: the cool season, hot season, and rainy season. December to March is known as the cool season though for most westerners this season is also relatively hot with temperature averaging about 26º Celsius.

However, the nights are cooler as the temperature may drop to below 20º Celsius. The season experiences lower humidity and it does not rain during this time. The cool season is the best time to visit Bangkok and tourist inflow is the highest in Bangkok during this period. March marks the beginning of summer all the way up to May. This is the hottest months in Bangkok when the temperature can rise to a scorching 40º Celsius.


Cultural and Religion:- BANGKOK, is not only a backpackers paradise and gateway to the rest of Thailand, but it is also a city rich in culture for seasoned travelers. When a lot of people think about Thailand the automatic consideration is to think of the beaches. In Bangkok, Thais make nearly 90 percent of the population. The Chinese are the largest minority group, at about nine percent, and they are the most integrated of the non-Thai populations. Intermarriage between Chinese and Thai is common and accepted, and the Chinese population has a long and historic presence in Bangkok.

The main language of Thailand is Thai (or Tai). In Bangkok and the southern regions of the country, a dialect of Thai is spoken that is faster and more abbreviated than other Thai dialects. English is the secondary language of the country’s educated and elite.
Buddhism is also the city’s largest religion, with close to 95 percent of all citizens being Buddhist. Four percent of Bangkok’s population is Muslim while Christians, Hindus, Confucians, and Sikhs account for less than one percent.

Major Tourist Attractions:- Some of the major attractions of the city include a visit to the old city areas. You can visit various temples of Bangkok; the most famous being Grand Palace, which is one of the biggest in the city according to its size. Wat pho is also a must visit temple, which houses largest reclining image of Buddha. Other temples include the Golden Mount and Wat Rajnadda. You can also visit the various museums in the city which gives an insight into the cities past and history. You can visit the National Museum and the Museum of Siam in order to relive some history of the city. Lumpini Park is one of the largest parks in the city and can be visited in order to get away from the congestion of the city. Inside the city, the travel options are huge for a first time traveler. Public bus transport system is available in the city and is a cheap option for moving around. You can also move around in private cars but be aware that the traffic in Bangkok is quite hectic and messy. In order to ease the traffic congestion, Bangkok has recently introduced the sky train. The sky train covers most of the downtown Bangkok areas and towns, and gives you some relief from the traffic congestion. Bangkok also has the metro which can be used in place of the sky train.


International Flights to Thailand:- No, more worrying about high prices of airline tickets to Bangkok as there are many websites where you can search and book really cheap flights to Bangkok and get great last minute airfare deals. Save your valuable travel expenses by making your reservation for your flights ahead of time. Book your flights some weeks/months in advance. Cheap flights to Bangkok are easy to get in off season, but you have to stay away from peak season travel, since you will not be capable of getting low-cost plane tickets, packages and accommodations. Most of the visitors arrive in the city through the Suvarnabhumi Airport, as it has now become the busiest airport of the country.

Hotels & Accommodation:- No need to worry about your stay in Bangkok, the city has many hotels and resorts, discount hotel deal with. We have a good team to select hotels in Bangkok. See all-time favorite Grand Hyatt Erawan, Siam Square, Majestic Hotel, Sukhumvit, and Artist Square, HI Bangkok Centre Sukhumvit 25 and enjoy the generous hospitality of the residents of Bangkok. You can also try our best of Buddy Lodge Hotel, Banglamphu, president of the Landmark Hotel Swiss Lodge and many others. Enjoy the generous hospitality of the residents of Bangkok, while you enjoy your visit at hotels known for quality and exclusive suites and competitive prices worldwide, too. Another best of Bangkok is that you have plenty of ATMs throughout the country accordingly is found. You can redeem all the travelers’ checks in shops.

Thai Cuisine:- Bangkok is famous for its Thai cuisine. Food is relatively expensive in the city and it is of high international standard. You will also find top class international cuisine in the city which will surely add to the flavor of the foods. Phad Thai, Northeastern Thai, Ya Dong and bugs are some of Bangkok traditional food items. Dinner cruises are also quite famous among visitors, and eating while on boat ride in Chao Phraya is one of the experiences that should not be missed.


Thailand Nightlife:- Bangkok Thailand nightlife is wild, colorful and vibrant. The city is alive at night, and visitor will thrill at the exotic entertainment available. However, tourist must use caution and avoid areas known for illicit activities. A Bangkok nightlife guide can suggest well managed clubs and bars that are safe for tourist wanting a cleaner taste of Bangkok.

Bangkok is a party capital filled with ultra modern clubs, jazz bars, and other music venues that put western clubs to shame. Thus these types of entertainment venues should never be overlooked. You might even be surprised you have more fun without the funny stuff. Bangkok has lured millions of men from all over the world. And one can see them congregating in groups or alone, patrolling and gravitating to the famous nightlife areas of Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana.

Shopping:- Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is also known as the “city of angels”. Very few are aware that Bangkok began as a small trading centre and port community. While Bangkok signifies many things to many people, it is considered a shopping haven for most! Siam Square is central Bangkok’s famous shopping district, which has several large malls and side shops storing both local and international brands. Here, the tourist can get anything from gorgeous antiques to the latest mobile phones and designer jewelry. It is advisable to polish your bargaining skills, as it is something that will be of good use while street shopping.

Bangkok Travel GuideDevjeetTour GuideThailand's history emerges from the Bronze Age, whereas Bangkok, the capital is a young city founded in 1782. The city has a population of around 11 million. Bangkok lies on the banks of the river 'Chao Phraya', a wonderful working waterway full of sampans, wide variety of boats and...
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