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Presently, there are many people all over the world who save some amount of money to spend on the vacations. When you visit places across the globe, you definitely find natural wonders and beauties in a large number of places. Some people create a list of their favorite places and they love to travel and enjoy the top ten destinations in the globe.

The Top and Incredible Destinations in the World are as follows:-

France has the maximum number of tourists (about 80 million) every year. It’s been blessed with so many finest places and is known for its culture. Centers of attractions in France are the villas, the museums and art galleries, the Disneyland, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Riviera and wineries, the theme park Futuroscope and so on. France is the number one holiday spot for most of the people in the world. Its beauty and pleasant appearance draws visitors every year. Here, travel agents have many facilities like they can easily find all kinds of discount packages on flights, car rentals and hotels etc.

Spain is considered one of the most amazing and wonderful European countries to visit in the world. Due to its relaxed and peaceful lifestyle, its cuisine, exciting nightlife and world famous civilization, more than 50 million tourists visit this place once a year. Visitors mostly enjoy Spain’s thriving capital Madrid, the city of Barcelona and the well-known “Running of the Bulls”, the heavenly Balearic, Canary Islands and so on. They can also look at the most attractive and eye-catching architectural designs on the buildings of Spain. In winters, if the person wishes to stay away from crowds then they can visit and enjoy the Alhambra in Granada and La Gran Mezquita in Cordoba etc.

The United States of America has about 60 million tourists every year, along with the 2nd most popularity in the world. Tourist Places that will dazzle you are Times Square, New York city, the Las Vegas strip, the national mall and memorial parks in Washington D.C., Faneuil Hall Marketplace in Boston, Disney World’s magic kingdom in Florida, Disneyland park in California, Fisherman’s wharf/Golden gate national recreation area in San Francisco and last but not the least the Niagara Falls in New York. All these places will make you stunned with their beauties.

Almost 45 million tourists prefer visiting Italy during their vacations because of its delicious and amazing cuisine, as well as its ancient architectural beauty. Italy is considered as one of the jewels of Europe with its Amalfi peninsula. Italy is a perfect place for newly wedded couples in entire Europe and when it comes to honeymoon and romance, then nothing better than this. Talking about the delicious Italian pasta or having some of the best Italian wines, it just makes our day. Moreover, Italian art, beautiful scented air and a lovely atmosphere gives one an eye-pleasing experience.

China is having the round figure of 55 million tourists every year. One of the 7 wonders of the world, The Great Wall of China makes your holidays worthwhile as it is one of the greatest sights in the world. The longest wall in the world, it is an overwhelming feat of ancient defensive China’s priceless architecture. Its scenery amazes the tourists a lot. The Bund is one of the most decipherable architectural symbols of Shanghai, China. Li River, the 83-kilometer-long path between Guilin and Yangshuo is the beautiful part. The Yellow Mountains is one of the most mesmerizing mountains in China.

UK bangs about 30 million of the international population as tourists in the holiday’s period. UK guides will help you find the most popular tourist attractions and your places of interest throughout Great Britain including many castles, museums and art galleries, royal palaces, zoos, gardens and theme parks in London, England, Scotland and Wales. Theme parks or amusement parks are full of excitement and entertainment with something to suit everyone’s personality in the family. Britain is native place to many splendid art galleries and museums covering arts and knowledge. Britain is blessed with ancient and historic sites and landmarks including statues, bridges and diverse architecture.

About 22 million tourists join the mob of Russia every year. It’s just not because it is perfect place to hangout but also there are innumerable place to visit and each of them offering a scenic landscape view with glimpse of great landmarks of architectural design. St. Petersburg, being one of the greatest historical places of Russia or so called as ‘the city of Tsars’ has unique heritage buildings and monuments scattered all around to provide an eye-pleasing experience to the tourists. Moscow, being the capital city, treated as most happening cities of the world. The variety of shopping malls offers you a glimpse of multi cuisine from traditional Russian dishes. Golden Ring Cities are referred as open air museums as they are homes to unique monasteries, churches, cathedrals and domes of 18th century.

There are 23 million tourists who love to feel the thrill of their lives in Mexico during their vacations. Snow covered volcanoes, a hub of aqua activities such as snorkeling, yachting and fishing amazes a lot to the tourists. It is full of diversity, industrialized cities and one of the best holiday destinations in entire North America. The island of Cancun is good news for sporty visitors, being an ideal location for all kinds of water sports. El Castillo is very famous Mayan Indians pyramid dedicated to the Wind God and is one of the major attractions.

16 million people love to enjoy in Canada every year. A lot of places will provide calm and solace experience to your soul. Ottawa, capital city of Canada is the best place to get immersed in Canadian culture. Rockies, Okanagan Valley, a river-valley that will make you feel Canada’s best weather ever. It’s warm in the summer and mild in the winters. Whoever comes to Canada, no-one ever forgets a visit to Churchill because it’s being the best place to connect with several new wonders of Mother Nature. Ontario is the tourist town, extremely hilarious for sightseeing and if you want to be in Toronto, Niagara Falls is also not far. Niagara Falls is the most popular place for newly wedded couples. Niagara Falls was also rated as the World’s Most Romantic Place.

Austria is the great travel destination and 20 million tourists join the tourism of Austria every year. The Skiing sport is one of the best adventures for tourists. The resorts in Alps, dazzling mountains, museums and art galleries are also the best and finest places for visitors.

Best Countries for TravelersDevjeetTour GuidePresently, there are many people all over the world who save some amount of money to spend on the vacations. When you visit places across the globe, you definitely find natural wonders and beauties in a large number of places. Some people create a list of their favorite places...
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