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Once you have been diagnosed with diabetes, managing it is the next important step.

Apart from the lifestyle changes of managing one’s diabetes – either through diet and exercise alone or with insulin (usually in pill form) – diabetics, both Type I and II, must “prick themselves” and test their blood glucose usually three to five times daily.

If you are diabetic due to a sedentary lifestyle, you are not going to like what you are about to read. You must get off the couch and exercise! Diet alone will not fix the problem. And although the combination of diet and exercise can often avoid the use of insulin, many diabetics favor the use of insulin when faced with the annoyance of having to exercise. Easier though it may be, you are doing your body no favors. Whether you live on your own, in a retirement community or an assisted living program, find friends to walk with or go swimming together. Ask for support. You needn’t do this alone. Open up to people; for all you know, others you know suffer from this too and as the saying goes, “strength in numbers,” means together you take the bull by the horns and beat it!


All of the same foods that you may have avoided are the very ones that you should now incorporate into your diet. Some foods you can eliminate or minimize that will show a marked improvement in your blood glucose levels almost immediately are:

  • Sodium (salt)
  • Excess sugar
  • Fat
  • Sodas
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Excess carbohydrates (yes, the pasta, potatoes and rice you love!)
  • Too much beef (it is very fatty, which turns into sugar)

Foods to add to your diet that will have a dramatic positive effect on your diabetes:

  • Fruits (not too much, as they can turn to sugar)
  • Vegetables
  • Whole grains (in favor of bleached flour and white rice)
  • Lean meats – poultry, fish and beans


There is no such thing as bad exercise. Try a few different types and do what makes you happy and this is equally valid for men and women both. Whether it is hiking, walking, swimming, playing basketball, running or playing golf, do what you will enjoy pursuing long term. Exercise should be fun and not drudgery, so it is important to choose something you like.

Diabetes is no fun and it is no joke.  But the good news is that with alterations to your diet, adding exercise to your life and asking for support, you can not only manage your diabetes, but also put it in remission. Although rare, it does happen.

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Don’t Register With Foodpanda – They Will Kill You With Promotional SMSes Sun, 09 Aug 2015 14:02:15 +0000


I was a loyal customer of Foodpanda India and I used to order foods every weekends. Typically they used to send me promotional SMSes 2-3 times per day (sometimes in the mid night). My mobile number is registered with National “Do Not Disturb” service. I don’t know who had authorized them to send promotional messages to my number. Anyways, I contacted them and asked to stop sending promotional messages to my mobile number. They asked me to give a miss call to 011-66765505 or send “LEAVE” to +91-9243000111 and they will eliminate my number from the list . I tried both the way but they kept sending me same promotional SMSes again and again. I again contacted their customer support team and explained about my situation. They assured me that they have written down my complaint and it will take up to 48 hours to resolved the issue which means after 48 hours, I won’t be receiving any promotional message from Foodpanda. I said “OK” because it was quite understandable that they need to follow a procedure to take any action. It was first week of July 2015 when I had contacted them for the first time regarding this.

They kept sending promotional messages even after 1 week of my last conversation with them so I was forced to contact them again for the same concern. They again assured me that they will resolved the issue with next 48 hours and they will send me a confirmation email but again no action was taken and I didn’t receive any confirmation email regarding the same. Most of the time they used to send such messages when I’m in the office. It was frustrating so I told them to resolved the issue within next 2 days or delete my account. They finally deleted my account (although I think it was easier to get my number out from the list :p) but I was quite OK with their decision because it was still worth for me.

The main problem starts now, after couple of days I again received same promotional SMS from Foodpanda. I avoided that message because I thought it will take couple days to get whole things refreshed and once they will update their database, I will automatically get eliminated from their list but I was wrong. They kept sending same messages after every 2 days. I contacted them again on phone and asked them for explanation and written confirmation. They said “If you want to receive confirmation in written, you will have to send you query in written. Only then we would be able to confirm you in written.”. I said “OK” and sent this email to Foodpanda customer support team (on 27th July 2015):-


They didn’t bother to reply to my first email. I waited for next 3-4 days for the response but no luck and they kept sending me same promotional messages. I again sent a follow-up email on 3rd August with screenshots of promotional messages that I had received in last 2-3 days and called their customer support team for one more time. Here is the email that I sent them on 3rd August 2015:


I talked to their representative and later they forwarded my call to “Floor Supervisor” “Miss Shagun Arora“. It was heated argument between me and her and I demanded the solution right now right away. Finally she convinced me that she is gonna resolved the issue before “End of the Day” and she will send me a confirmation email but again neither she resolved my issue nor she sent any confirmation email. Next day I again contacted them and luckily I again talked to “Miss Shagun Arora” for one more time. I asked for the explanation. She felt sorry for this and she promised me that she is gonna send me confirmation email within 24 hours. This time I received a response from their team. Here is the exact email that I received:-

Dear Devjeet,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We wish to extend our sincere apologies for the delayed response. We would like to inform you that we missed your ticket due to some internal glitch. However, we will ensure immediate response in the future.

As per your request, we have unsubscribed you from our foodpanda newsletter.

Best Regards,
Your foodpanda team

It was quite relaxing news for me but it was partial solution because they had only removed me from “foodpanda newsletter”, not from the “promotional SMS” so I asked them to remove me from list of promotional messages as well. I called them and talked to their “Floor Supervisor” for one more time. They again promised me that they will send me a confirmation email within 24 hours. This time they met their promise and I received this confirmation email:


I thought “Finally I have won the game and I’m not gonna receive any promotional message and emails from foodpanda” but guess what, I WAS WRONG! They again sent me same promotional message on 7th August (the day after when they confirmed me that they have un-subscribed me from the list of promotional SMS). Here is the message that I received on last Friday(This screenshot was taken on Saturday as I sent another email to foodpanda with the same screenshot):-

foodpanda promotional sms spam

Here is the email that I sent them on 8th August with the screenshot of promotional SMS and I again called their representative for the explanation:


They promised me that they will revert back to me within 24 hours and I received their email within the time frame but I was shocked to read their message. Here is the email send by them:

Dear Devjeet,

Greetings from foodpanda!

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced.

We would like to inform you that might be some technical glitch you are still receiving the promotional messages on your mobile number.

We request you to kindly give a missed call at- 011-66765505 to stop your promotional events for forever.

It will take 24-48 hours to come into effect.

Best Regards,
Your foodpanda team

So, finally they sent me to the same loop. Seems I’m at the same position where I was around 1 month ago. I called them at least 10-15 times, sent lots of email, I was forced to delete my account but what I received? Nothing! They are still sending me same junk messages.

While doing my own research, I found few other people are struggling with the same situation. For example:-

I have few questions for Foodpanda. I would really appreciate if any of their representative comes and response to these questions:-

  1. Please confirm if you have deleted my Foodpanda account.
  2. If yes, then tell me the date when you deleted my account.
  3. Am I still allowed to receive promotion messages from foodpanda?
  4. Have I (or anyone on behalf of me) ever authorize you to send promotional messages to a DND activated number?
  5. I had requested my number to eliminate from the list by giving a missed call to 011-66765505 and sending “LEAVE” to +91-9243000111. Why are you still sending such messages to my number?
  6. Have I made a crime when I registered with your website?
  7. Why shouldn’t I launch a police complaint against you guys?

I really didn’t want to spread all these things in public but I had no option left. I’m forced to create this post. I hope they will understand my situation now.


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  • Foodpanda Complaints
  • Foodpanda Scam
  • Foodpanda SMS Unsubscribe

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Sam Gibson Wedding Photography in Somerset Thu, 20 Mar 2014 13:32:10 +0000

Sam Gibson

Sam, one friend of mine whom I know since 2011 wants me to share his story on He is professional wedding photographer located in United Kingdom. Before becoming a professional photographer he spent 10 years working for the BBC. He made films (about people), He was lucky and got to climb mountains and sail down the Amazon – and learnt a great deal about story-telling, about recording events without becoming a part of them, about observing what happens and always being ready to capture that crucial moment. He only takes on around 30 weddings each year and receive inquiries up to two years in advance for popular dates through his website So here is his story in his own word (To read his complete story, one may check here):-

In the last couple of years I’ve shot a few times at Charlton House Spa Hotel. A really cool hotel and spa nestled on the edge of Shepton Mallet, it’s a unique wedding venue with some great spaces. The orangery there is a beautiful space for a ceremony – just take a look at Natalie and Jamie here as an example! It’s a really great hotel too, with some unique bedrooms and a lovely sloping lawn to the rear which is great for summer receptions. The little orchard makes a fantastic spot for some portraits too.

Another favourite venue of mine is Priston Mill, just outside Bath. Situated in a private valley at the end of a long track, Priston Mill actually has two separate venues, the Watermill and the Barn. They are both different and very distinct, the watermill being spread across a couple of levels and having a light airy feel upstairs, while the barn is a bigger space and makes for a lovely inviting ceremony and dinner area. The last wedding I photographed at Priston was with Lucy and Tom. They’re the one getting confetti’d to the right there. We actually saw a spring moon rising later that night which was incredible! You can see a preview of their wedding here.


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Significance of Hiring a Professional Photographer Tue, 25 Feb 2014 12:21:14 +0000

Professional PhotographerA wedding is one of the most precious moments in our lives. We all want to preserve every moment of this D-Day and relive them for the rest of our life.To make this day more special, one has to opt for a professional wedding photographer to capture each moment and turn them into a historic one. A perfect photographer has the potential to enhance the impact of your wedding memories that you can relives through the pictures. So, if you are planning to get married soon, then start looking for a skilled photographer to make this occasion more special.

Why to choose a professional wedding photographer?
You must be thinking that you don’t need a professional photographer, but it is a fact that a skilled photographer can make a great difference while capturing your wedding pictures that can amaze you and all your loved ones. A professional photographer can completely alter the appearance of the bride and groom in the pictures to make them more mesmerizing. Photographers are equipped with special tools and resources which greatly contribute to make their work more effective. To cover the entire wedding and choosing the epic pictures is not an easy task and takes a lot of effort and perfection to deliver desirable result. Only a professional photographer can make a great difference while taking your wedding pictures.

In this hi-tech era, people are having their personal digital camera and may think that it would be more than enough to do photography. But the fact is you still need a professional photographer to discover the beauty of your wedding album.He knows how to grab classic images while people remain busy in enjoying the ceremony. This is what a professional photographer is all about.

Nowadays, some of the photographers also work as a videographer and can make your wedding album more attractive in the form of wedding videos. You just need to pay a bit extra amount for this.

How to find a good photographer?
To hire a professional wedding photographer, you can take the help of internet and also take recommendations from your friends and family members. These days, almost every photographer owns a professional website from where you can take an idea about their work and pattern.In fact, you can get reviews about their photography and working style.

Apart from this, you can also take feedback from their regular customers and grab more information that canhelp you to take right decision. Moreover, go through the testimonials and contact them and meet them personally to know more about them. This way, you will be able to find a professional photographer for your wedding.

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Tips to become a successful wedding photographer Tue, 25 Feb 2014 12:12:54 +0000

PhotographerA photographer plays a significant role in a wedding ceremony and captures all your memories that can mesmerize you. If you are pursuing your career in this field and want to become a successful photographer, then you need to follow some guidelines in order to achieve success. If this is the first time you are going for a wedding shoot, then you must prepare yourself as it is one of the most crucial task. You have a great responsibility to capture their wedding moments in pictures.

Before going for the wedding shoot, follow few steps to deliver desirable result:

  1. Firstly, prepare a list of photographers that need to take on priority basis. This will help you to prevent any mistake while shortlisting the important pictures.
  2. Secondly, you need to talk to the wedding couple to know about their choice and preference. This will help you to meet their expectations.
  3. Thirdly, check out wedding venue in advance and make further preparation to match your photographic style with it. With this, you can get the idea about the location and can fix up errors if required.
  4. After this, take a list of all the important members of the ceremony. This list will guide you whom to be photographed on priority basis and also prevent repetition.
  5. Before moving to the venue, make sure to check all your batteries and equipment’s are working. Take extra batteries with you to avoid any problem. Do take one more person along with you to help you during this.
  6. Try to indulge with people and behave frankly, so that people feel comfortable while posing for a photograph. Try to be polite and gentle while asking them to pose for pictures.
  7. Use different angles to capture great pictures. A natural picture is more appealing than intentionally posed one. It is your job to search for the best moments and capture them in your camera.
  8. At the end, finalize the best pictures to include in the final wedding album.

By following these steps, you will definitely going to make a perfect wedding album that will make your work more effective and remarkable. You can also take help of internet and grab information by searching for various professional photographers known for their perfect job worldwide.

To become a successful wedding photographer, you need to work hard and follow each step very carefully in order to achieve success in this highly competitive era.

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Important Tips for Language Translator Thu, 21 Feb 2013 18:25:12 +0000

The translation industry is growing rapidly in this era of globalization  With the era of globalization we tend to interact with people from various languages and culture. Thus, it may happen that we do not understand their language. Thus, we require a translator which can help us to understand the language of other people from different regions. Also, translator helps us to deliver our thoughts and ideas to them by changing in their language. If a translator do such great jobs we have to be very careful while his or her work. Thus, there are some important tips for a language translator.


  • Familiar with topic in advance– When you get any kind of translating job with of all get familiar with the topic. Suppose it can be for a business deal of companies from India and German. Thus, you should be familiar with the deal plot beforehand. Go through the documents in advance and have idea about your work. Try to get details of your client. Ask certain questions when you assign the job and clear your doubts.
  • Note down the important points– Develop the habit of noting down important points during the conversation. It will help you while translating and avoid the chances of missing any point. Always you need a reference while translating. Thus, it is always advisable to note down important points of the speech.
  • Alert about literal translations– When you translate a speech in different language, it may happen some phrases have another meaning from the literal translation for their original language. You need to be take care about this as it can lead to big mistakes and also it can change the meaning of whole plot.
  • Be amiable with your client– you have to develop friendly relation with your client. It will help in better understanding of speech and thus ultimately it will help you in translation.
  • Pronounce the words clearly– A translator is required to be good at pronunciation. We have to clear and confident while narrating a speech. He or she has to be sure that whatever word he or she speaks the client is able to understand. Also, narrate the speech confidently and patiently.
  • Be a good listener– A translator has to good listener. He or she should first listen the whole speech carefully and then being to translate the speech. Do not interpret the narrator in between. It can make a negative impression of yours.
  • Brief summary– When the discussion is over at the end give a brief summary and clear the doubts. It will help to deliver the message more appropriately.

Thus, a translator has to keep in mind certain tips which will help to improve the quality of his or her work.

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Basic Tips For Portrait Photography Thu, 21 Feb 2013 18:17:03 +0000

The moment’s couple shares with each other are priceless. Thus, it becomes more difficult to capture such priceless moments in camera. The occasions like wedding, engagement and anniversary are most amazing days in any couples life. Everyone wants that the memories of these beautiful days stay with us forever and we can store these memories in our mind and photos. Thus, a photographer has to capture these special moments with care and caution. Thus there are some tips you can follow while capturing portrait photography for couples.


First of all, keep in mind than natural photos are most amazing ones. Thus, take random photos of couple doing different actions, talking to each other, looking at each other, holding hands. These are wonderful moments to capture in camera. Try to tell a story in each photo. Capture those photos or moments which reveal something about the couple and their love. You can also click small moments that can make a complete story. Combine those photos and reveal the story of a couple. Such photos can make your album more impressive.

A couple albums is never complete without posed pictures. Thus click posed picture of couple of different style like sitting on sofa, standing close to each other, hugging each other and many more. But, make sure the album not only have posed pictures. It has other pictures also. Next, thing one should keep in mind to choose the background carefully. Choose those backgrounds which highlights the couple looks like avoid choosing dull background and choose it according to couple outfit.

bath_wedding_photography_0005 bath_wedding_photography_0005

If during the photo shoot couple get intimate these are best shots to take. Encourage affection in them. If they kiss each other or getting close to each other do not stop them. Don’t hesitate to click those pictures. Maintain the friendly relation with them and try to crack jokes with them so as to make them involve in photo shot. Give your suggestions and take there too. Tell them different poses and actions to do.

Set your frame first and then click a shot. Have rough idea in mind about each photo. Click photos from different angle. Don’t only stick to straight photography. Take photos from different directions, take horizontal and vertical photos. In some photos focus not only on couple but things and people around them as these things are related to their life and can be essential part of them too. Take multiple shots and capture different moments in one pose. You never know which photo can be the best. Also, take photos on different locations. Take outdoor as well indoor photos. Check your lighting condition and camera beforehand. Location can also add to quality of photo thus choose different location for your photo shot. And if you are doing indoor photo shot choose different background.

All Photographs Belong to

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