Don’t Register With Foodpanda – They Will Kill You With Promotional SMSes

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I was a loyal customer of Foodpanda India and I used to order foods every weekends. Typically they used to send me promotional SMSes 2-3 times per day (sometimes in the mid night). My mobile number is registered with National “Do Not Disturb” service. I don’t know who had authorized them to send promotional messages to my number. Anyways, I contacted them and asked to stop sending promotional messages to my mobile number. They asked me to give a miss call to 011-66765505 or send “LEAVE” to +91-9243000111 and they will eliminate my number from the list . I tried both the way but they kept sending me same promotional SMSes again and again. I again contacted their customer support team and explained about my situation. They assured me that they have written down my complaint and it will take up to 48 hours to resolved the issue which means after 48 hours, I won’t be receiving any promotional message from Foodpanda. I said “OK” because it was quite understandable that they need to follow a procedure to take any action. It was first week of July 2015 when I had contacted them for the first time regarding this.

They kept sending promotional messages even after 1 week of my last conversation with them so I was forced to contact them again for the same concern. They again assured me that they will resolved the issue with next 48 hours and they will send me a confirmation email but again no action was taken and I didn’t receive any confirmation email regarding the same. Most of the time they used to send such messages when I’m in the office. It was frustrating so I told them to resolved the issue within next 2 days or delete my account. They finally deleted my account (although I think it was easier to get my number out from the list :p) but I was quite OK with their decision because it was still worth for me.

The main problem starts now, after couple of days I again received same promotional SMS from Foodpanda. I avoided that message because I thought it will take couple days to get whole things refreshed and once they will update their database, I will automatically get eliminated from their list but I was wrong. They kept sending same messages after every 2 days. I contacted them again on phone and asked them for explanation and written confirmation. They said “If you want to receive confirmation in written, you will have to send you query in written. Only then we would be able to confirm you in written.”. I said “OK” and sent this email to Foodpanda customer support team (on 27th July 2015):-


They didn’t bother to reply to my first email. I waited for next 3-4 days for the response but no luck and they kept sending me same promotional messages. I again sent a follow-up email on 3rd August with screenshots of promotional messages that I had received in last 2-3 days and called their customer support team for one more time. Here is the email that I sent them on 3rd August 2015:


I talked to their representative and later they forwarded my call to “Floor Supervisor” “Miss Shagun Arora“. It was heated argument between me and her and I demanded the solution right now right away. Finally she convinced me that she is gonna resolved the issue before “End of the Day” and she will send me a confirmation email but again neither she resolved my issue nor she sent any confirmation email. Next day I again contacted them and luckily I again talked to “Miss Shagun Arora” for one more time. I asked for the explanation. She felt sorry for this and she promised me that she is gonna send me confirmation email within 24 hours. This time I received a response from their team. Here is the exact email that I received:-

Dear Devjeet,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

We wish to extend our sincere apologies for the delayed response. We would like to inform you that we missed your ticket due to some internal glitch. However, we will ensure immediate response in the future.

As per your request, we have unsubscribed you from our foodpanda newsletter.

Best Regards,
Your foodpanda team

It was quite relaxing news for me but it was partial solution because they had only removed me from “foodpanda newsletter”, not from the “promotional SMS” so I asked them to remove me from list of promotional messages as well. I called them and talked to their “Floor Supervisor” for one more time. They again promised me that they will send me a confirmation email within 24 hours. This time they met their promise and I received this confirmation email:


I thought “Finally I have won the game and I’m not gonna receive any promotional message and emails from foodpanda” but guess what, I WAS WRONG! They again sent me same promotional message on 7th August (the day after when they confirmed me that they have un-subscribed me from the list of promotional SMS). Here is the message that I received on last Friday(This screenshot was taken on Saturday as I sent another email to foodpanda with the same screenshot):-

foodpanda promotional sms spam

Here is the email that I sent them on 8th August with the screenshot of promotional SMS and I again called their representative for the explanation:


They promised me that they will revert back to me within 24 hours and I received their email within the time frame but I was shocked to read their message. Here is the email send by them:

Dear Devjeet,

Greetings from foodpanda!

Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience you may have experienced.

We would like to inform you that might be some technical glitch you are still receiving the promotional messages on your mobile number.

We request you to kindly give a missed call at- 011-66765505 to stop your promotional events for forever.

It will take 24-48 hours to come into effect.

Best Regards,
Your foodpanda team

So, finally they sent me to the same loop. Seems I’m at the same position where I was around 1 month ago. I called them at least 10-15 times, sent lots of email, I was forced to delete my account but what I received? Nothing! They are still sending me same junk messages.

While doing my own research, I found few other people are struggling with the same situation. For example:-

I have few questions for Foodpanda. I would really appreciate if any of their representative comes and response to these questions:-

  1. Please confirm if you have deleted my Foodpanda account.
  2. If yes, then tell me the date when you deleted my account.
  3. Am I still allowed to receive promotion messages from foodpanda?
  4. Have I (or anyone on behalf of me) ever authorize you to send promotional messages to a DND activated number?
  5. I had requested my number to eliminate from the list by giving a missed call to 011-66765505 and sending “LEAVE” to +91-9243000111. Why are you still sending such messages to my number?
  6. Have I made a crime when I registered with your website?
  7. Why shouldn’t I launch a police complaint against you guys?

I really didn’t want to spread all these things in public but I had no option left. I’m forced to create this post. I hope they will understand my situation now.


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  1. Oh the pain! I’m facing foodpanda harassment. I had done the missed call and ‘LEAVE’ SMS 2 weeks ago. Been getting sms bombed by them. Latest one shattered my morale yesterday. I’m soldiering on. Currently in the “email” phase of the battle you mentioned above. My situation is like the kurds and yazidis at the hands of ISIS in Syria.

    • Hehehe…well Said. You need to have a blog post about their service. Only then they will understand your situation. It took almost a month to get rid from their promotional messages. I don’t know how people are tolerating their service and writing positive reviews about Foodpanda. Dealing with their support team is another headache. Complete waste of time. Good Luck Buddy 🙂

  2. By using live webchat with foodpanda, Give missed call to 08033509017 for unsubscriding from foodpanda sms. Not sure if this works.

  3. Hi Guys,

    When i sent them an email today on 16 dec 2015, i received the below msg -:

    “As per your concern we request you to kindly give us a miss call on 08033509017 to unsubscribe yourself from getting promotional SMS from foodpanda. The unsubscribe will take immediate effect within the next 48-72 working hours.”

    May help someone.

  4. Have you tried to file an FIR? Do you know what is panelty for a company to send a promotional sms ? I think it is pure waste of time after few written complaints over email.

  5. I have suffered the same harassment from foodpanda.
    They just do not stop messaging.
    I have warned everyone to use other food ordering apps and avoid foodpanda.


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