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What stay with us throughout our life is memories and that to if the memories are mesmerising. To add wonderful memories in your life you should definitely visit to Germany this season. Germany has many things to do. You can experience new and amazing places which attract you like anything. You can enjoy in Germany with your friends and family to fullest. It’s a place which gives you the experience and fabulous memories for life time.

First place to visit in Germany is Neuschwanstein castle. Neuschwanstein is the historic and most beautiful place in Germany. It is palace which is located in Alps of Germany. The interior and design of Neuschwanstein castle catches your eyes at once glance. Also, you can experience the modernised technology mixed with the historic times and it beautifully revels the royalty of ancient period of Germany.


Rugen Cliffs one of the most stunning places in Germany situated in jasmund national park. The natural and peaceful environment of Rugen Cliff make you fall in love with it. It is white chalk cliffs tower built above the Baltic Sea. You can also enjoy many sports like hiking, horse riding and cycling there along with it you can experience the pictorial beauty of jasmund national park. Moreover, in the park you can play with your kids and friends and it is most favourable spots of tourist for picnic.


Next place to visit in Germany is cologne cathedral. It is the oldest city of Germany which preserves the culture and tradition of Germany from decades. This place is famous all over the world for its numerous museums and art culture. In these museums you can learn about history of Germany and can see its culture. The localities in city of cologne cathedral are so friendly and fun loving that you feel like you are at your home and known city.

Then the next trip you should make in Germany is in romantic Rhine. The charm and beauty of romantic Rhine cannot be compared. It is artist beauty which everyone loves. In romantic Rhine there are wine villages which have half timbered houses. On the river side’s there are cafes and shops. With the pleasant weather you can enjoy the beauty of nature. This is one of the best places to see in the world if you love beauty of nature.


Heidelberg old city of Germany make your trip more memorable. Heidelberg is situated in the Neckar which opens up towards the plains of valley of Rhine. It is the city which has most of the universities and because of this it is commonly called as city of students. You can find ancient academics here and this city takes you to your student life. This is the city where you can find natural beauty and because it many artists get attracted towards Heidelberg. Moreover, you can see and enjoy twelve museums there and came to know about the world more.

After enjoying in city of Heidelberg, your next destination should be lindau. It is small city built on island and life in this city is so easy and vivacious. You can relax in this city and can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the city. Lindau is the city which is separated from modernised world and thus from tensions and worries of this modern era. You can do many things in lindau like visit to see park, boat trip to Bodensee, a walk to city and many things. You can see beautiful and amazing architectural designs with shows you historic times culture and trends.


Brandenburg gate is next best trip you can make while your stay in Germany. It is the former gate and thus landmark of Germany and Berlin. The history of Germany created over here and it contains historic importance for the people of Germany. The architecture of Brandenburg gate is inspired and designed by considering the acropolis of Athens.

Next place one should visit in Germany is holstentor. It is located near Neckar valley and is preserving the culture and customs. It is the symbol of wealth and independence of city. It is a museums and it shows many exhibitions which includes a torture chamber and medieval weapons complete with instruments of torture.

Frauenkirche is another place which attracts you the most in Germany. Frauenkirche Munich is the one of the largest building of Germany. It has two towers which are built in 1525. It is the largest church and again it depicts history of the world. The exterior and interior of this building is so beautiful that you can’t take your eyes out of it. If you visit Germany in September or October then you are lucky to enjoy beer festival of Germany named Oktoberfest. It starts in morning and ends at night around 10:30. Every year to enjoy this festival million of people come there and around 5 litres of beer is consumed in this festival. It’s fun to be the part of this festival and especially for beer lovers.

Germany is a place where you can learn a lot about history and culture of world. Its architectural designs and monuments show you the world history. Germany is full of museums and culture. You can have fun there along with educating yourself about the world.

Germany Travel Guide and Places to VisitDevjeetTour GuideWhat stay with us throughout our life is memories and that to if the memories are mesmerising. To add wonderful memories in your life you should definitely visit to Germany this season. Germany has many things to do. You can experience new and amazing places which attract you like...
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