How Ad Blockers are Killing Your Conversions?

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With Internet marketers having a panic attack on a regular basis, one has to know the true cause of it. Earlier this year, a Google update by the name of Mobilegeddon was launched, which had an adverse impact on the websites that were not mobile friendly. The search engine giant wants websites to be operated by the mobile phones as well as the computers, and it should be compatible in either platform. With the release of the latest Apple operating system, a new problem has emerged in this front; the ad blocking.

An introduction to ad blocking:

To treat ad blocking as a problem would be going down the wrong path. This concept has been around since the year of 2010 when you had the latest launch known as Adblock Plus. It was a free browser extension, and has since then been downloaded by over 300 million users worldwide. It has notched up extremely high rankings in premium websites like Mashable, CNET, and by the looks of it, it is not going to go down soon.

What ad Block plus provides is a very simple and working example on how ad blocking will be able to work; it simply install the extension to a browser of your choice, and then with the click of a button, you will stop finding any kind of ads starting from your sidebar ads in Facebook to anything from Google. It will of course take into account the banner ads and any other form of advertisement like pop-up from coming into the picture. This tool happens to be configurable, and it also allows the users in order to disable the ad blocking from certain domains and websites. Most of the time, you will be able to find this particular product activated by default.

It has been long regarded as one of the worst things an Internet marketer has been able to experience in order to reach out to their audience. Since the ads are being blocked before they can even be able to get the desired amount of exposure, it adds to the misery piled on upon Internet marketers. Further, when the ad blocking capabilities have been introduced into the latest Apple operating system, this could spell the doom for the people looking into targeting the Apple computers and mobile phones.

So how does ad blocking affect your conversion strategy?

So, as it happens, this question is entirely dependent upon your stand of point. At one hand, you find that the ad blocking schemes and extensions will totally affect the exposure of your advertisement, thereby resulting in any kind of conversion optimization. It will be able to prevent your audience from witnessing your ad, although in various metrics, it would end up being counted as views. It will dramatically reduce the conversion rate to a bare minimum, and the ad blockers will effectively prevent you from gathering any kind of valuable information about your audience or your prospective demographics so as to enable you to better understand how you can communicate with your target audience. This happens to be the side taken by most of the marketers on this particular issue, causing a lot of panic amongst the people that consider themselves to be successful in Internet marketing.

However, on the other hand, the ad blocking can actually end up benefiting your company in the long run. How is that so? Well, for starters, the people that would actually want to purchase your product or come across new products would not want to activate the ad blocker. So, what you are effectively doing is filtering out the people that would not find themselves to be prospective customers to your products, thereby negating the amount of money spent on leads that would not convert. The ad blocking also gets rid of all the mundane methods like banner ads and the pop-up ads that are intrusive, and creates problems for the people in front of the computer. It is extremely frustrating to find ads popping up from every other corner in the computer so as to find its way into the desktop screen. Even after closing it, there are various other advertisement schemes that seem to be colluding with that particular pop-up, thereby creating a chain that is going to leave a user frustrated. So when such kind of advertising campaigns are taken out of the picture, only meaningful and competent content will be produced for the general people to see.

So, you have two points to ponder about when it comes to ad blocking, and how it can be relevant towards helping you to either get your business in line, or to fall apart.

The near future:

Well, one cannot say for certain, but there are a lot of people focusing on the developments and the potential impact that ad blockers will be able to have on your strategy. However, at the present moment, there is a lot of panic, and people are not at all eager to take up Internet marketing. All the more, this is high time for seasoned Internet marketers to make a killing, as there is a panic amongst the people that may be eager to leave this particular field.

Remember, the update known as Mobilegeddon was released early in the year, and it turned out to be a panic that was not at all justified. After a couple of months, the search results or the SERP of the websites turned out to be identical to the ranking that were before the update. So, this may just be a flash in the pan. However, as of the current moment, there are people suffering from ad blockers, and the current panic will also have to be waited out by disease unwanted errors. This is what should be the current adjustment that is to be done to the market strategy in order to get rid of any problems in the marketing campaign and lead the way to making money.

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